StreetCRED resources

New resource now available – click here to download

working in partnership with Youth Initiatives and YMCA Ireland, Youth Link have produced some useful resources to help introduce CRED themed work when delivering Street Based Youth Work.

This resource does not seek to change the youth-led focus of street-based youth work, but simply to provide some ways to help young people explore issues surrounding community relations, equality, and diversity in a fun and interactive way.  Ultimately these are effective ways of stimulating discussion and will require you to use your interpersonal and facilitation skills to develop purposeful conversation that contributes to the young people’s personal and social development.

Most of the activities require very few resources and each one can be adapted for your setting then used whenever you feel it is appropriate for the young people you meet.  However the tools have been set out in a sequence where those at the start might best suit engagement with young people with whom you are in the early days of relationship building, and those towards the end might work better with groups of young people who have gotten used to engaging in interactive activities with you on the street.