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Handling Life’s Conflicts.

Course Details

Conflict Transformation Programme including OCN NI Level 2 ‘Handling Life’s Conflicts’

(This programme can be delivered at youth level for 15-17 year olds or at an adult level).

This programme is designed:

  • to build capacity within local communities to develop a culture of non-violence;
  • to enable young adults discover and explore alternative ways of dealing with relationships, difference and conflict; and
  • to contribute to peace and reconciliation activities within areas of sectarian conflict.

Content includes:

  • the nature and role of conflict;
  • managing and transforming conflict;
  • the conflict puzzle;
  • personal styles in conflict;
  • skills for handling conflict;
  • negotiation and mediation skills.

Duration: 30 hours – residential and/or single/half days For more information contact Brenda

Tel:  028 9032 3217 or via email to

Project Details

  • Date July 10, 2015
  • Tags Training for Youth Workers
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