Reach Out Enrich Within

yl-reachout-header-01Guidelines to provide practical support for youth workers who want their organisation to get more involved in Intercultural provision


Youth work values diversity and difference, recognising that alternative perspectives and beliefs enrich the experience of all involved.  Intercultural Youth Work further enriches this experience, and highlights the importance of respecting diversity.

The guidelines are not intended to provide all the answers.

They are not about everyone agreeing or finding a universal truth in how to do youth work with young people from different faith and cultural backgrounds. Nor are the guidelines about promoting particular faiths as part of youth work or in using these guidelines.

There is always opportunity to do youth work better and more inclusively, listening to the needs of others and being considerate.

There are common needs, common aims and common threads of compassion between people of all faiths, cultures and beliefs.

Reach Out to Enrich Within – for both the personal development of the young people and the benefits to your organisation and to local communities.

We all need to stretch ourselves because it is in the interests of the personal, educational and social needs of the children and young people we work with, as citizens, as future parents and as leaders of their communities and this society.

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